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End of Life Care

One of the most difficult parts of owning a pet is, knowing when it is time to say good-bye. Dr. Williams and the staff at Hometown Veterinary Hospital can help guide owners through the difficult decision process as well as the euthanasia procedure.


Patients with a terminal or chronic disease can often be kept comfortable with proper pain medication and nursing care for a time. The staff at Hometown Vet Hospital can help you determine if this is a good option for you and your pet. This decision is often based on exam, appropriate testing, and evaluation of quality of life. Please see link below for guidance on evaluating your pet’s quality of life.


Once the decision of euthanasia has been reached, the procedure is made as painless and stress-free for the patient as possible. The patient is first given a sedative injection in the muscle which allows them to fall asleep over 5-10 minutes. A painless euthanasia injection is then given into the vein which will stop the patient’s heart. Owners have the option to be present with their pet for the entire procedure, just while the pet falls asleep, or to not be present for any of the procedure. This is a very personal decision for each owner and there is no change in cost regardless of owner’s choice.


Dr. Williams is willing to perform the euthanasia in an exam room or outside (in the memorial garden or owner’s vehicle) depending on owner and pet preference. House-call euthanasia can also be done for established clients in North East and nearby areas. A house-call euthanasia is typically scheduled 1-2 weeks ahead of time and cannot be done on an emergency basis.

After Care:

We offer the following after care options:

-You may take the body home for home burial

-Communal cremation (no ashes returned)

-Private cremation with pet’s ashes returned in wooden urn

*Cremation services are provided by Animal Friends Cremation Services in Waterford, PA*


Quality of Life Scale HHHHMMs: https://pawspice.com/quality-of-life-scale.html

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Animal Friends Cremation Services: http://animalfriendscremation.com/