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Behavior Management Solutions

Behavioral problems can hinder the development of a fulfilling relationship between pets and their owners. We have a few products available to help with these problems:

DAP: (Dog Appeasing Pheromone) produced by the mother in the first few days after she gives birth, appeasing pheromones play an important role to calm and reassure the puppies and the pheromones persist throughout life. D.A.P. relieves stress related behavior by stimulating the natural dog appeasing pheromones to help calm and reassure dogs of all ages.

Clinical studies show that D.A.P. can reduce destructive behavior by 86%, reduce excessive barking and whimpering by 70%, and reduce house soiling by 67%

There are 3 different uses for D.A.P.

1. Diffuser: at home you can plug in a diffuser in a room your dog spends a lot of time or where the dog exhibits stressful reactions. Helps with separation related problems, fear of loud noises, new puppy transition and general apprehension. Each diffuser lasts about 4 weeks and refills are available for purchase.

2. Collar: at home and on the go, the collar always stays with your dog helping with puppy socialization, walks, noises outdoors and boarding and grooming. Each collar lasts up to 4 weeks.

3. Spray: helpful when the diffuser is no practical-spray on objects and areas, NOT on your dog! Can help in situations such as; fear of traveling, crating, boarding and grooming and veterinary visits.

Feliway: the first synthetic analog of the feline facial pheromone which reproduces the familiarization properties normally produced by a cat when it deposits its own facial pheromones in the environment.

Feliway helps eliminate urine marking and scratching and aids in calming cats during travel. It can also be useful in acclimating cats to new environments. It creates a calming effect during stressful situations such as: new homes, during transport, hospitalization, boarding, introducing a new pet, new furniture, unfamiliar people and presence of other animals.

There are 2 uses for Feliway

1. Spray: this can be used in many situations but the most preferred is in those involving scratching and travel. Just spray each corner of the cage 10 minutes for leaving or once per day on the areas or surfaces where cat is scratching.

2. Diffuser: can be plugged into the wall in a room where the marking has taken place, or in a room where the cat spends most of its time to help with stress or multiple cat households.

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